Get data from multiple independent sources. Check, combine and build arbitrarily complex logic for robust smartcontracts on top of it.



Prices, delivery time and success statistics are transparently stored in Hub contract, allowing one to find the most suitable data-provider for any purpose.



Instead of building your own data feed delegate this task to professionals. OracleHub by design checks signatures and prevents unauthorized data.

OracleHub won Telegram Blockchain Contest Prize


Some Oracles on OracleHub

OracleId Name Info Sources
1 BitcoinUSDPrice Returns bitcoin usd price in cents github
2 TonContractData Returns any contract data section (if less than 16kb) github
3 TonVsSecData Returns two bits: whether the judge made a decision and whether Telegram can start the network
4 BitcoinBlockHash Read 32bit uint block height and returns this block hash. github
5 GeneralWebQuery Make arbitrary web request and return specified part of response onchain. Under development